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You’re Full of Ship Pt. 4

Well this was going to be two comics, but I was running so late on it I just kept them together for a singular post this week. Babies are super time consuming. Who knew. Yes, in case you missed Claire's update on the last comic, she had Annalise Violet Rusche on New Years. She was the first girl born for 2021 in Fort Worth, and she decided to be born during a snow storm in the middle of the night on New Year's Eve right when all the bars let out. When she decided to stop trolling us, she was born at 9:25am on 1/1. We are really happy to have her, and she is super adorbs. Since then we've been doing all the follow up checkups for mom and baby and trying to get everyone settled in to new routines. I debated this comic heavily with myself, but I was skewing more towards posting it since it seemed like a subject that would be brought up between these two, and especially by someone like Pumpkin. Claire's been doing my flats regularly and always unmutes my dialogue folders in Photoshop to read what's being said. When she reacted with  'I like this one' I was finally 100%. I have three mild strokes every comic. 1) When I first start shading and it looks like ass 2) When I'm running behind 3) Finalizing the dialogue. Each one is met with the same reaction from myself, to myself: "God, I suck at this."  

48 thoughts on “You’re Full of Ship Pt. 4

    1. It’s true. Internal polling says 100 percent of the time that Chris Rusche does not suck.

      …okay, I asked myself, but still!

    1. Asexual doesn’t mean incapable of sex or even repulsed by it. Someone who doesn’t have much or any sex drive or sexual attraction(not saying both are required) can still HAVE sex. Some definitely won’t, but others are willing to, they just don’t usually initiate.

      1. Exactly, some may not have the desire themselves but they can just as easily respect their partner’s desires and go along for the sake of their happiness.

        1. They can also enjoy sex for other reasons, like feeling close/intimate with someone. Or because they want kids. Or because they might still enjoy orgasming even if they don’t crave it.

  1. As an asexual, thank you for Panel 3. Even in pro-LGBTQ media, asexuals are constantly portrayed as irritated misanthropes who are baffled by relationships and don’t want partners. We’re still humans! Just don’t want to do it.

    1. I think the problem lies with the terminology. I never learned to swim as a child, never enjoyed it when I did swim, and don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything now, but I’m not *aswimming*.

    2. Help me learn, please. What is opposite of, or orthogonal to asexual and asexuality? (Serious question, by the way.) Yes, I could look it up, but too lazy to hit up google.

      1. And that’s where Aro community comes in. Just fine with sex, but don’t feel honest romantic attraction. Like, the most intimate they get to is “best friends”.

  2. Sweet Violet
    Sweeter than the roses
    Covered all over from head to toe
    Covered all over with sweet Violet’s

    As for Pumpkin: There are a lot of different varieties of “Ace”. And, some do enjoy physical… interaction of the intimate kind.

  3. Glad to see Quinn isn’t terribly susceptible to Pumpkin’s attempts at persuasion. Could Quinn be bi? Maybe. Could she and Pumpkin make a compatible couple? Possibly. But Pumpkin. Is. Jailbait. And ace. And Quinn might NOT be into women. Pumpkin claims she’s ‘low risk’ but considering these factors she appears to be more the opposite, especially when combined with the fact that the Buckingham girls have quite the reputation. Quinn would be smart to get the hell out of Pumpkin’s room before the situation really spirals.

  4. I think the part that bugs me the most about this whole situation is that Pumpkin refuses to take ‘no’ as an answer.

    1. Has Quinn said, ‘No.'”? She has said Pumpkin was too young, that Quinn likes boys, enjoys sex, but I don’t think she ever told Pumpkin flat out ‘no.’

      1. This is a problem I’ve run into with many situations with friends. Some at this point know how I function and will flat out tell me know but there’s one in particular who doesn’t like saying no and we run into these situations a lot. Basically boils down to this

        Me: Hey friend can you do the thing.
        Friend: I can’t, I’ll be working at that time.
        Me: It’s okay, we can do the thing after work
        Friend: I have another thing to do after work
        Me: That’s fine, we can do the thing after that or tomorrow
        Friend: Well my car doesn’t have enough gas to do the thing
        Me: No prob, I’ll put some gas in
        Friend: Oh but I need to change the tire on my car
        Me: Easy peasy, I’ll come change the tire for you while you’re at work. I’ll bring my tools.
        Friend: But I haven’t bought the new tire yet.
        Me No worries I can pick up the tire on my way over, just hit me back later for it.
        Friend But….

        And on and on until he finally says he just really didn’t want to do the thing. It’s not even that I’m pushing either, it’s just in my head I’ve been presented with a problem and I immedietly think up a solution and try to help solve it. It’s not even about the original “thing” anymore for me. It’s about solving a constantly evolving problem that he’s building infront of me rather then him just saying no.

        1. Saying “no” is often quite difficult for people, especially when it comes to someone you care about (friends, family, etc.).

          Recognizing when someone is resisting something is an important part of maturity and empathy. Things that Pumpkin is still learning.

        2. It’s kind of the problem when folks who have trouble saying no clash with folks like me. I don’t even realize I’m pushing. To my mind it sounds like a simple problem has been presented and I just solve it, win win. It takes quite a few rounds of the ol’ back and forth before my dumbass get’s the message.

    2. From Pumpkin’s perspective, Quinn actually hasn’t outright said “no”…

      Unless I’ve missed a critical comic, the ones I’ve reviewed just now have Quinn demurring and hesitating on several grounds, but not actually saying “no” definitively. The only time she came close was when she said, “whatever’s going on, needs to stop”, but even that could be interpreted by Pumpkin as “this beating around the bush” or “this being *too* clingy”, not necessarily the attachment or advances — especially once Quinn apologizes and lounges around on a bed with Pumpkin at the party. And the final snap at the drive-in was in response to Pumpkin insulting Quinn (“You’re incapable of being in a healthy relationship”), not over the situation per se.

      That’s often a problem with conversations like this in real life as well. People think they’ve been clear, but they haven’t. In this particular case, I’m not sure that Quinn herself has actually closed the door on the idea, her responses all seem qualified and more along the lines of “but…” rather than “no way, not interested”.

  5. After panel 3 in the top right corner of this page,
    In a little corner of the Shotgun Shuffle universe, a round and fluffy kitty puff ball is whining/miawing in tear.

    Press “F” for ours dear Mr. Fatty McFatFat. T_T

    1. Pumpkin would learn to love and accept Fatfat. I speak from experience as the stereotypical dad who didn’t want a dog and have a corgi and an aussie circling my feet as I post this.

  6. Sex is an indulgence for some, like a slice of a cheesecake that comes along once in four blue moons. The kind of slice that can make a pastor’s wife blurt out, “This is BETTER than sex!” For others, getting a weekly treat from your favorite bakery. Some, it would be more invigorating than breathing because of what’s about to happen.

    Pumpkin just said, “I’d shake your hand.” Which I’m guessing is better than what Quinn just heard.

  7. As a formally kind of “sensitive” guy, I can confirm that the last part of this conversation went through my head hanging out with female friends I was interested in more than once. I imagine that someone with more spine, as Pumpkin would have to be in her household, might have simply blurted that out.

  8. Good conversation, and it’s great that they’re actually talking about this instead of letting it fester or making assumptions.

    Mostly I’m wondering who’s shadow that is in the hallway. After some careful hair analysis I suspect either Ashliii or the purple-haired one.

    1. While the shape is all wrong, I’d guess either

      1) Cami, who is specifically searching for Pumpkin, or
      2) Anise, who is specifically searching for decoy cakes

  9. Sounds to me like Pumpkin is not saying she wants to have sex with her, but that she’s *willing* to have sex with her. She’d only be doing it for Quinn’s benefit.

  10. Just a side note:
    It’s been 5 years. Any chance we’ll get some of the Patreon strips to update the story line in the Archive?

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