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You’re Full of Ship Pt. 5

Both parties did some form of prep for a conversation. Quinn didn't prep enough, obviously. Obviously.. UPDATE: I'm going to need to push new comics out until next week. Baby's gotten pretty sick and Claire had to have minor surgery she's been putting off due to being pregnant. I have linkwork done, but I don't have coloring finalized, or close enough to get anything else up this week. Hope to recover some time this weekend and get this done. Thanks all.

45 thoughts on “You’re Full of Ship Pt. 5

    1. Sorry, but you can’t just say “First” around here. They have a bunch of rules about how a post qualifies as “first” in these comments, so yours doesn’t actually count, even though it is the actual chronological first post.

        1. OK, I didn’t know that the firsting committee was dissolved. Nor was the insanity that parallels this crazy good webcomic. So, as chair of the firsting committee, the motion is denied as said motion has not been recognized nor the individual bringing the motion having not been recognized by the chair, let alone having been assigned to the committee as well as the floor not yielding to the individual.

        2. Your firsting committee *has* been dissolved, your motion of denial is denied as said motion has not been recognized nor the individual attempting to deny the motion has not been recognized by myself.

        3. Oh Crows. I don’t generally read comments sections but I’ll start if only because this one has a Crows damned committee for determining if a post qualifies as “first”.

        4. There was no vote to dissolve the firsting committee! I DEMAND his reinstatement or so help me I’m flipping all the tables I hid last time. And you can put them back YOURSELVES, thank you very much.

      1. I concur. To have what is commonly referred to as a “first,” the individual in question must not simply claim “first,” but instead is required to use the word in a grammatical sentence featuring a set minimum number of words. (I don’t remember the minimum, but recall that it is not excessive. Ah, 10? Thank you, noted.) For example:

        I wonder if this is the first time Quinn has ever had a conversation like this one.

        Note, the word “first” is employed, but it is not used in the clichéd fashion so commonly seen with other webcomics, nor is it used in reference to being the first person to make a post in response to a specific page. As in:

        Hey, look at me, I’m the first person to make a comment.

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    2. In Stirling’s “Island in the Sea of Time,” or one of its sequels, there was mention of the available birth control methods. Including “misterectomy, but that’s a minority taste.”

  1. I never noticed that the speech bubbles appear behind the hair before. Has that always been a thing? Although, after going back and looking through a few comics from the last year, there aren’t many instances where the hair and speech bubbles are actually in the same place. Does anyone have any insight?

  2. So … Quinn has just admitted that she is willing to be romantically involved with Pumpkin as long as Pumpkin understands that sex is a requirement. And Pumpkin gave them both a nice exit if things do, and they will most like will, change in the next two years.

    I guess the next update will be setting up ground rules for their relationship for the future until Pumpkin is of age … rules both of them will bend but not actually break … much.

      1. I was thinking more in line with “let’s worry about all this when you’re out of high school. Till then, we can still be friends, hang out, you can come to me if you need to talk, don’t be clingy, and exclude all your other friends to hang out with me. There will be no ‘dates’ or any exclusive ‘couple thingies.’ And most importantly, we respect each other decisions and be completely honest with each other. And, in the future, if you decide to try dating other girls your own age, I will not get jealous, and I expect the same from you.”

        Quinn is old enough to know that two years is a long time for teenagers, and anything can happen.

        Of course, if Quinn sneaks off during the party, or some days later, to have a heart to heart talk with Rosemary, I would say Pumpkin shots are outstanding even if she doesn’t know it.

  3. Quinn’s disbelief at how deep it is for Pumpkin shows just how unbalanced the feelings are. It’s not that deep for Quinn.

    1. However it is still deep enough for Quinn to have “practiced a hundred hypothetical conversations” with Pumpkin. So it seems that Pumpkin has been in her head quite a lot in the last month and she’s been putting quite a lot of effort into getting this conversation right. Which, I should note, is an excessive amount of mental labor if Quinn’s feelings on the matter are simply “Pumpkin, I’m sorry but I do not like girls that way at all, but I want to stay friends, and stop being so pushy” like others in these comments have implied.

      1. Well, there are the roommates to take into account. I think. I mean, not starting dumpster fire in the roommates family situation that could easily burn down the apartment. Metaphorically speaking that is.

        I mean, I think that Quinn would rather prance around in her undies in the morning rather than having to dance around Ellie would be so much easier and much less stressful.

        But as far as the deep stuff goes. No idea. I’ll admit that I’m not quite sure how to scratch the surface on that one. Outside of coming from scratch based on a recipe.

        1. Somehow I doubt Ellie would be the type to barge into Quinn’s room, enraged, yelling “WHY WON’T YOU HAVE SEX WITH MY LITTLE SISTER??”

  4. So like…so far Quinn hasn’t given her the hard no yet? Like maybe she’s just trying to let her down gently \ logically since it’s Pumpkins birthday but I think we need to wrap up the 20 questions here and be direct. A simple: I just don’t see you in a romantic way but I’d like to be friends, would suffice. Do it now before Rosemary comes in guns blazing and puts this whole thing into limbo!

      1. I’m guessing Quinn’s just putting glib answers out there that “obviously” are wrong, then getting flummoxed when Pumpkin doesn’t respond as she expects.

  5. “At a hypothetical far future point in time.”

    Unpopular Opinion Ahead:

    It’s really better not to have sex as a teenager anyway, Pumpkin. You’ve likely learned this lesson from Juniper and that disaster. It is, sadly, a very difficult view to have and will likely only get tougher.

  6. The fundamental problem I could see with them being in a relationship is that pumpkin would be “forcing” herself to have sex because she likes Quinn, not doing it because she enjoys it, meaning it’s not going to be very good sex for either of them. Her slip up of “if” just further highlights that it’s not something she’s too interested in and is banking that Quinn just wouldn’t bother trying. So far as a long term successful relationship goes they’re just not compatible, and it’s something that I hope Quinn realizes and puts an end to it before any sort of romantic relationship can begin.

    1. I think that this might be a problem. Pumpkin is mentioning how her friendship with Quinn is truly deep, and I’m thinking that Quinn can’t really pour on the brakes now so as to not damage her friendship. However mixed-up Quinn is , she’s seemingly failing at putting down the boundaries

    2. I agree with this, especially since Pumpkin called it a compromise. Like some sort of business deal or contract, which is just SO sexy to think about – sarcasm here. There are so many problems with a Pumpkin \ Quinn relationship. The aforementioned differences in how they perceive sex. Quinn JUST getting over her longtime crush (she really shouldnt rush into a relationship atm) And can you even imagine Ellie’s face at hearing about it? Rosemary’s? Not to mention we still don’t if Quinn even wants to date a girl period. Quinn’s got to shut this down now.

      1. I dunno, I figured it would be about the same; just that it would take longer with dating because you still have to buy her gifts, take her to the movies, and buy her dinners.

        1. Like I said, depending on how long you date her, the costs will eventually equal out; faster if you wind up living together.

  7. *sings* I spent my last ten dollars / on birth control, and beer. / Life was so much simpler when I was sober / and queer…
    A classic from Two Nice Girls. (won’t link on the off-chance I get bounced as a bot, but do look it up)

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