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You’re Full of Ship

Had to cut this one short. Kid's intermediate school has a Covid outbreak. Called us and blew a whole in our week. Third time they've done this since September. And it's not just 'some kid tested positive > contact trace to quarantine other kids they were around.' No. This is the third time their bus driver hasn't been following policy. All the kids are supposed to wear masks and have assigned seats for this very purpose. So what does the driver let the kids do? Not wear masks and sit where ever they want. And this bus runs to three schools. Intermediate, middle and high school. So the whole bus gets quarantined while they review grainy videotape trying to figure out what kid is who. Bus driver constantly risks three schools to exposure, and puts dozens of parents out due to their laziness. He literally looks like this. ..as he sits on his ass. My 13 and 12 year old are both quarantined to one room of the house for 10 days since this infected girl apparently floated all over the bus and they sat near her one day. Just love rearranging the house for this purpose all the time depending on who is at risk. Fun, yo. Rest of this comic will be up Tuesday, along with some thanks for the baby registry. Patreon posts later today. One possibly Saturday. Thanks all! Love you guys.

41 thoughts on “You’re Full of Ship

  1. THis is a first for me. I dont think ive ever seen a comic break a ship like this without also breaking the fourth wall.

    also *First*

    1. Not sure this actually breaks the ship. I’m not a shipper of these two (sure it would likely turn cute/hot I’m sure), but nothing here says they can’t/won’t get together.

      Not that, that would stop anyone from shipping them anyways.

      1. Yeah it doesn’t rule it out either. Pumpkin is 16 and stupid, these things happen, doesn’t mean they can’t hook up later (as in months later, not in 20 mintues)

    2. I don’t think that the Firsting Committee will approve you applicatin for first due to the fact that the term first was used without direct reference to something contained in the comment. However, congratulations on having your first comment.

      STEVE. Welcome Basket you dork.

      1. You sure? I thought he meant…well, okay….

        Since Mr. Blue says so….

        We have a little tradition around here, that hasn’t exactly been practiced much since the hiatus, but now, we can bring it back!

        We like to give a little welcome basket for the first time commenters around here. Just something to make them a little more welcome.

        Sadly, our welcome basket fund has fallen on hard times, and Mr. Blue has an unfortunate tendency to occasionally abscond with the better prizes, so let’s see what we’ve got!


        …wow, this is pretty bad. How the hell am I supposed to make a welcome basket out of THIS garbage?

        …I should not have said that last part out loud.


        Your welcome basket! Featuring such…exotic…treats as a partially-chewed Radio Shanty webcam, a half-eaten bag of Tubby Taters, and of course, a buy-three-get-one-free pass for the Sunday Breakfast Extravaganza at Earl’s Lunch-n-Lube, where the only thing greasier than your car after the service is the bacon.

        So, enjoy! And welcome to the Shotgun Shuffle comments section. If you can find a more welcoming comments section, you should be reading THAT comic instead.

    3. Nothing *truly* sinks a ship other than (1) irrevocable death of at least one party, and/or (2) one party gets in a happy monogamous relationship with someone else *and* then the series/story promptly ends.

      Now Quinn has stated to Pumpkin firmly and clearly that she isn’t into romance with the ladies, and normally, that could be a solid torpedo to the ship’s hull, *except* for the fact that we saw Quinn’s less-than-straight dream immediately afterwards. So that torpedo could be live or a dud. Though I believe there may have been an author’s post saying that PumpQuinn wasn’t going to happen (or it could be a phony memory, I dunno) but even that doesn’t sink the ship because authors have been known to change their minds about these things, especially when the necessary canon is to be created years after the initial decision.

      So this strip doesn’t even come close, in and of itself, in sinking any shipping. Quinn is basically calling out Pumpkin for not being candid and honest with her, and it seems at most to be a minor scolding. After all, Pumpkin admitted her lapse under no duress other than that of her own guilty conscience. Also note that aside from a minor lowering of the eyebrows, Quinn’s body language is not defensive or angry. She continues to lounge on Pumpkin’s bed as if she belonged there.

      This might go in a completely different direction and take on a less relaxed tone when we see the rest of the strip on Tuesday, but for what we have right now? The ship has not taken on any water. To the contrary, this confession of wrongdoing makes the ship more buoyant, as it is was an issue that could have caused further contention if not resolved.

      1. Why does every ‘ship have to be a romantic one?
        Getting back to what “ship” is slang for–“relationship”–Pumpkin and Quinn already have one. They’re friends.
        Friendship is a legitimate relationship as far as I’m concerned. So is family. Any kind of genuine, heartfelt relationship is a “ship” to me.
        Continuing the excellent analogy between relationships and ocean-going vessels: Just because a ‘ship changes course, doesn’t mean it’s sunk.
        Doesn’t necessarily have to be the flippin’ Love Boat, either.

        On a completely unrelated note, I’m gonna throw y’all for a loop and put my other favorite brand of car in my Gravatar. ^_^

        1. In the wording used, shipping is relationship romantic, not friendship. In fact, I can’t say I’ve ever heard “I ship them” to mean “be friends” :p

      2. None of that really stops shippers. Could be the straightest of straightest characters, and they’ll ship them with the same sex. Could be in a serious, never cheat on relationship with someone, and they’ll ship them with someone else.

        Look at Elsa/Anna. They’re sisters and people ship them. I’m sure there’s people who ship the sisters here. :p

  2. Lot of people get intimidated around their crushes, Quinn. Her denial isn’t necessarily “insulting your intelligence.”

  3. Anyone have a link to what conversation they’re talking about? It’s been a while and I’m having trouble remembering the details.

    1. I think maybe they (the ‘convo episodes) are “those who wait” and “not so subtle”. Kaiser Frazer (so.?) posted them in the 12/1 thread.

  4. forgive me for saying this, but that unknown to me bus driver needs a punch in the face every time they pick up their paycheck for this. And every paycheck they received since February 2020.

  5. Dang, I hope your kid’s are alright. It’s gotta be stressful being quarantined in their own home for 10 days. Screw that bus driver.

    1. Imperial or metric, single or double twist, what tpi, as well as the shape. I’d suggest the artillery type of threading. Easy going in, supposedly, but painful to pull out. Which is an assumption because it was designed to handle the pressures of artillery ammunition discharge under combat conditions. Sloped to a flat and then a 90 degree bend to complete the shape.

  6. You know, I wish I had an extra tenner every month. When it was just porn, I could ignore it but those high quality beauty shot type pictures of the cast look SOOO good!

  7. What that bus driver did was super bad but do we really have to attack the way they look? How they look have nothing to do with allowing covid to spread. It just feels a bit shitty to attack the way someone looks, go ahead and attack their actions but the way they look is just a low blow.

    1. The bus driver isn’t fat, and nowhere did Chris say that. The joke (if you’ve seen A Goofy Movie) is that the bus driver in the movie has exactly one line in the opening song, which is “I’m gonna sit on my butt.” It’s just a commentary on how lazy this particular driver happens to be.

      1. I never mentioned fat either! I see, i haven’t seen that movie for over 15 years so I missed that joke part. It seemed to me it like a comment on his looks. I missed the joke

    2. A few points:

      1) Ctrl+F search this page for me using the word ‘fat.’

      2) I’ve never actually encountered someone offended by A Goofy Movie

      3) Keep in mind, you are reading a comic where a main character is called ‘Fatty McFatFat’

      4) Searching for offense = misery. Life’s too short. Be happy. Enjoy the comic. :)

      1. Chris, in your defense, I’ve driven for a school bus company in between jobs. I can personally tell you that there are some bus drivers out there who have absolutely no business being behind the wheel of ANY vehicle, let alone a school bus. How the hell they even got their CDL, let alone their jobs, is totally beyond me.
        On the other hand, nothing quite riled me up more than a bus full of uncontrollable ADULTS practically encouraging their kids with unruly behavior on the bus, while trying to keep up with 75 mph traffic on a four-lane highway on a charter ride back from a game. Every damned time a semi would pass us, both the kids AND adults would encourage the truck driver to blow the air horn, which they did, adding to the already through-the-roof stress level. Not to mention all the other screaming and mayhem going on. And there’s not a damned thing you can do, either, because 200% of your effort is keeping the bus on the road and getting your passengers AND yourself back home safely in spite of the absolute mayhem. If you try to say anything, not only are you diverting your attention from trying to keep the bus on the road, but the entitled bastards play the victim as if they have a right to start a distracting riot aboard a bus flying down the damned highway. Reporting the behavior to your superiors after returning does no good, either. Thank God I didn’t have to endure it for much longer before I got a real job.
        Good to see you back in the comments section, BTW. Glad things seem to be getting better for you, Claire and the kids in the overall picture, anyway. As a fellow Type 2 diabetic, I offer you my sincerest wishes for a hopeful future and that you are able to keep it under control like myself without insulin. I know personally that Metformin can be a real biotch unless you take on a very regular and regimented schedule without missing (and with food). I don’t have the time-release stuff yet, but if it seems to be better on the GI tract, then I will likely request it with my next refill. Thankfully my insurance picks up the tab, and for me it’s not expensive to begin with. With discipline in taking the meds along with a low sugar/carb diet AND exercise, you should be able to keep it under control without insulin indefinitely.

        1. Thanks for the kind comments. Chris was never on the instant-release Metformin, so I can’t speak as to the difference in GI-wrecking intensity but I have also heard that the extended release is gentler. I know the key for him was slowly titrating his dose up to what was prescribed (4 pills a day), because starting out at that amount was pure misery for him for a week or two before we said “eff this” and tried starting with just one a day then gradually adding in more until he was at his full dose.

      2. And Ctrl+F my comment for the word fat. I never said you said he was fat! I haven’t seen goofy movie in over 15 years so I am sorry I didn’t get the joke about a small character in that movie. It just felt off to me to comment on the drivers looks.

        1. “He literally looks like this.”
          “You shouldn’t criticize people by their looks.”
          “Whoa whoa whoa I never said he was fat.”

    3. I thought it was a bit more of a Jabba the Hutt than a Goofy Movie. If Jabba could pass the D.O.T. physical. This caracature makes me think of some one who has severe breathing problems.

      I’m also thinking that misery can be more palatable if it can be shared through jocularity.

      1. As a former waiter at a truck stop, I can assure you that Jabba the hut could eat the bus driver from Goofy movie, and still pass the D.O.T. physical.

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