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You’re Home Early

Quinn even found a way to use the cat for her own gain. =P

67 thoughts on “You’re Home Early

  1. Quinn needs to figure out what she wants from both Alex and Eagan before someone gets hurt…including her.

  2. lol. The hoop was originally closer to them. I didn’t feel like splitting hairs after 12 straight hours of making this strip.

    I may when I get back home. =P

    1. Just pretend that it is on purpose, and those who caught on are cleaver and witty and are in on the in-joke.

  3. Unamused Ellie, epic awesome Gravatar lol

    Also didnt Quinn have a rule that Ellie wasnt allowed to touch or use ANYTHING that belonged to her? Blatent hyppocrite! Ellie gets one free use of something thats Quinns to balance things out!

    Oh, yeah and I guess something should be done about the whole relationship problem….

    Quinn’s going to get a reality check from Ellie isnt she? THAT is going to be a major blow to the ol ego isnt it?

    1. Well, there is that, however, don’t you think that Quinn was acting too blonde in this strip?

        1. Didn’t she do that when Eagan said, “Lady, you’re alright.” I think that’s what he said, the emphasis is the same, he’s already impressed with her. At least from what I gathered.

    2. Yes, I have quite the stack of avs to make since the initial go-round.

      I’m using 3 confrontations to round out this chapter. Quinn started the first with accusing Ellie of talking to Alex. This confrontation will be initiated by Ellie since Quinn is dragging her feet on the situation. Just building as much animosity as possible.

    3. The rule was Ellie doesn’t touch Quinn’s stuff, not the other way around…Plus, Ellie has already touched Quinn’s stuff (the computer) so she doesn’t get a free touching…
      Something about the last part of what I typed seems wrong…please don’t read into that…

  4. Oh my, such flagrant abuse of the fat kitty. Quinn better get him a tub of ice cream and some potato chips to make up for this indignity.

    I’m not sure Eagan is fooled by the duct taped cat… and Ellie obviously is fooled by none of it.

  5. Geez, it’s painful to watch Quinn’s clumsy and transparent attempts to get his attention. It seems she has yet to learn about honesty and straightforwardness, especially in relationships. I guess she’s gotten her way up to now by manipulation.
    Fat kitty as a basketball is pretty funny, as is Ellie’s I-am-not-amused expression.

    1. There is the fat cat b-ball joke, but like we’ve been told earlier, there is always the free flashlight.

  6. Ack! Poor kitty! I’m not sure if Ellie is irritated at Quinn for abuse of her furry friend or because her relationship solutions are utterly ridiculous. Sigh. I can see the upcoming explosion between the two of them too. Ellie is tired of Quinn’s crap, especially when the “boyfriend” is trying to draw her into the middle of it, and Quinn’s attitude suggests that she is not going to take that from Ellie lying down. Interesting question, though: is Eagan going to remain to witness it?

  7. You nailed the fast food after hours look by the way. Most of my early career life was fast food and I saw that look on my lady co-workers every time I closed.

    1. I showed her after her first day still in uniform when coming home, but I figured I’d have to use this look just to confirm she was off work after conversing with Alex.

  8. Quinn’s facial expressions are killing me, hahaha. They seem so soap opera dramatic in some of the panels.

    Also, probably the most exercise McFatty has ever had.

    1. I don’t think being thrown counts as exercise. It may be accurate to say it’s the farthest he’s moved though.

    2. Banena, seeing crazy facial expressions is part of your webcomic M.O. as I remember. =D

      Also, panel 3 is by far my favorite drawing of Quinn thus far.

  9. Oh gods! There’s no apostrophe in the RSS feed entry! Definitely loving the character development though, and your awesome drawing skills.

  10. I really like the chemistry between Eagan & Quinn, but given how crummy she has been to everyone but him I can’t help but expect their relationship to go sour at some point.

    I don’t really wish her manipulations on him, so I’m hopping this doesn’t work out.

    1. She’s certainly not creating a great foundation to start this relationship… so no. I wouldn’t think it would pan out for her.

  11. I laughed at the 2 points more than I probably should have….does that make me a bad person?

  12. I think that Ellie’s abdomen looks strange in this one. It seems far to thin, especially given her ample bosom. It could be a stylistic choice, but I found it rather jarring.

    1. I kinda thought so too by the time it was done being colored. Just didn’t have the time to nitpick. Typically I won’t redo the art, but I had to side with you on that one.

      1. Maybe it’s all the exercise she’s doing at work, and walking back and forth to work, and then up and down three flights of stairs going and coming from work.

        Work work work work work work work. Hello boys, did you miss me?

      2. I don’t know that I agree. Ellie still looks thicker than Quinn and based on how she’s standing it doesn’t look like an unrealistic proportion. Unless of course you did redo the art and I’m not looking at the original.

        Though I had formed the impression that Ellie was shorter than Quinn and she looks to be she same height or taller than Quinn in the last panel. Perspective? Late onset extreme growth spurt? My memory being $#!7?

        1. It’s funny you say that because deciding who was taller between the two was something I really had trouble with. They’re essentially equals in the comic and the general rule of thumb is to make the more dominate character taller. I didn’t really “want” Ellie to be taller, since it plays more into the buxom blonde trope, but it never felt right with her being shorter. So I just said screw it and settled for Quinn having a Napolean complex.

          Their heights when they’re side by side have always fluxuated and Quinn WAS drawn purposely taller when she’s first intoduced. I was accounting for the front doorway shes standing in talking to Ellie, and the typical threshhold ‘step-up’ that would be there.

          And yes, I did add a pound or two to Ellie. =)

  13. My birthday happened to be on a Thursday. This comic updates on Thursdays, among other days. This page came out on my birthday. Ergo, I believe it was made for me. /logic?

  14. This comic is a really unique blend of interpersonal relationships and just plain surreal stuff. I never would have come up with duct-taping a spherical cat to a car engine as a way to get attention… :-)

    1. That’s probably a good thing. It’s a sign you’re more well adjusted than Quinn. Quinn’s personality is interesting because she has no problem being abrasive and bitchy so she’s not “shy” per se. The frosty exterior coupled with the fact her relationship with Alex is ending with deceit AND she’s starting things off with Eagan in a way that’s not entirely honest all adds up to bad news.

  15. A smart guy like him should have known that cats regularly crawl inside of engines to get warm.

  16. Dude, I haven’t seen such a perfect free throw since Aliens 4.
    I hope that in the next comic the ‘camera’ is angled so we can see kitty bounce around.

      1. Sadly Bo, but no. Even with Brad Dourif over acting and trying to make out with an already over-sexualized Xeno wasn’t enough to save that mess.

        When they were shooting the basketball scene they were all “we can add the ball in post” but Weaver said that she could do it in real life. I think it was her 5th try and she nailed it. Then Ron Perlman was so shocked he did something that broke the 4th wall which is why they cut away.

    1. I actually had a story planned where some characters not introduced yet are in a fued with 4chan, but a friend advised me against it. =P

      1. Almost 5 years later by now, I suppose these characters have already been introduced. Even if you won’t post specifics of that scrapped storyline, can you at least name these people?

        If you were thinking of hatemail favorites [*spoilerrific names withheld*], whatever 4chan would do against them would at least be totally deserved.

  17. Speaking as someone who once moderated a forum through a minor spat with 4chan and /b/ I can say that your friend has good judgement.

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