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You’re not my real mom!

57 thoughts on “You’re not my real mom!

  1. Dawww, I love the fat kitty :)

    Ellie should be making Pumpkin buy Kirby for him as a reward for eating the cosplay bitches or something.

  2. The sound McFatFat makes to get her attention…my cat does that ALL THE DAMN TIME! For no real reason.

    Hey, Dad! Look at the ceiling!
    Hey, Dad! Look at me!
    Hey, Dad! …nevermind…

    Cute, but annoying.

    But with all of that, I now have a very expressive soundtrack for the noises McFatFat is making here. Great stuff!

  3. Ok something I’ve been wondering why is the comic named shotgun shuffle? We haven’t seen any shotguns or any shotguns being shuffled around. We’ve seen a My first musket back in the really really long black friday arch. So why is the comic called shotgun shuffle. Not that it really matters since I’m freaking addicted to this comic an eagerly await the 3 times a week updates.

    Also poor FATFAT he wanted a kirby toy.

    1. Have a look at the Buckingham sisters’ birthmarks, Redneck. Just head over to the cast page and check it out. Then you’ll get a better idea.

      1. If he did that he’d be wondering why it wasn’t called Gunshot Shuffle… and he’d probably still be wondering where “Shuffle” fits in.

        I can’t speak for where the “Shotgun/Gunshot” part is, but I recall Rusche saying he wasn’t solely going to follow Ellie. (My memory may be lying to me.) So you’d be shuffling between who the comic was following, and it’d mostly be following the Buckingham sisters. I guess you could take that further and say the stories would be scattered like birdshot (hence shotgun)?

  4. And yes, it’s clearly the website people’s failure. Ellie has a better handle on marketing than most of that organization, given that right now it’s made up of a grumpy Canadian, a woman who may or may not be some kind of ninja, and Danny, a man whose resume’s high point is that he’s been shot a couple times.

    1. Seriously. I can’t tell you how old the idea of someone making the next big social network is. If the whole site is the brainchild of a previously unseen businessman, than for this to be completely true to form the three people we’ve seen so far will be working for nothing or next-to-nothing on the promise of being made millionaires from the IPO of the company stock.

      1. Well, the only possible thing I could suggest is that Marcus guy from POF.com. he said that he built it in his own apartment. So, what if this website is the brainchild of these three people? Unless Danny had more technical knowledge of how to do it and some of the money to do it as well.

        I’m kind of thinking that instead of:
        “Birds of a feather, flock together,”
        the website could be following:
        “People congregate on the internet where the niche of what they equate to appears.”

      1. It’s like the Ed Debevic’s of con swag. Worse, it’s like a Jeff Dunham act.

        “Welcome to Wolfgang Pat’s. Get your stickers and s*it and get out.”

        1. HEY!! Just how in the great blue yonder did you know . . uhm. Yeah, I practice ventriloquism

          I don’t tell people to get out. I channel either Billy Crystal’s “WE’RE CLOSED,” or that one line from Bob’s Country Bunker. “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”

          Maybe Apu’s, “Thank you, come again.”

        2. Crazy Eddie’s Christmas in July electronics sales event. At your participating Carvell Ice Cream locations. Operators are neither standing by nor sitting.

  5. I’m kind of surprised Pumpkin can’t whip out a sharpie to put the company name on her outfit. Not that it would be easy to find space to put it in a decent sized script (it being the tiny outfit it is), but it would work better than the flyers. At least they’d see the name when they went to look at their booth babe pics.

    1. The sleeves. Put it on the sleeves. There’s enough fabric real estate there for just about any name or logo, and careful positioning can put it in the shot.

      1. I agree. Mizuno made the technique famous in the 80’s. Why more companies don’t still do this (aside from Mizuno of course as it’s become sort of a hallmark) is beyond me.

        1. Get your businesses logos instantly installed after a fifteen minute wait at “Wolfgang Pats Stickers and Sh!t”

          That’s Wolfgang Pats Stickers and Sh!t at a convention booth behind you. For your unwanted photobombing and sticker needs.

          Get them for your kids, photos, dinner plates, convention costumes, albinos, alibis, lullabies and 159.99 a gross gross.

  6. I’m always surprised by Ellie when she decides to apply herself. You get past that whole lazy thing, and she is down right amazing.

  7. I have to say, I like how yu are handling this. Ellie is doing her best for these guys, and she can see how it isn’t working, and so can Pumpkin. We havent seen whatsisname for a while now, and overall, while entertaining, this job is turning out to be a flop for her- which is standard for a hard-luck heroine.

    But things may yet turn around, there are still possibilities and she might be down but she’s by no means out. And the fact that McFatfat really was summoned by the brawl adds an element of unreality to the strip that is a hallmark of what I enjoy about it. A slice of life, yes, but not the life we know…

      1. Still not enough. A squadron of dancing cat girls in pilot’s uniforms are close, but not enough to even buy a long shot. Just enough for a signing telegram to William Tell.

  8. Hahahah Okay this seriously has to be one of my favorite strips ever. For some reason McFatFat throwing a temper tantrum is hilarious to me! *snort-chortle*

    1. And the only kind he CAN throw, too! He’s not going to kick and scream and flail around, that’s for sure.

        1. “Excuse me, Miss, but why is that oddly spherical cat rocking back and forth and yowling while clutching a stuffed representation of Kirby? Oh…dear…now he’s started spinning rapidly. Is…is that normal?”

  9. Someone asked what the name of the website was, the one that Ellie is working for. What’s his name, Danny? Just curious about the name, and just what if, what if the name of Danny’s website is SHOTGUNSHUFFLE!?!??!!!?!?!?!?!?

  10. I really like this because I think it highlights how Ellie isn’t dumb, just unmotivated by anything beyond her most immediate needs. Her view is entirely short term…which I guess is kinda like Juniper in some ways.

    Case in point- is she does need to stay a second day, does she have a plan for camping out AND getting home tomorrow if pumpking isn’t sticking around? Is it one that won’t eat up her entire profit from this weekend (hotel prices go up whenever a convention is in town).

    1. Definitely, though it’s sometimes hard to see the long-term rewards though. “Why am I learning this? I’m never going to use it!”

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