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Hey guys, feeling a bit under the weather. Have the next comic up ASAP.

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        1. DAMMIT OPTIMUS, we talked about this! Don’t you remember what happened the LAST time? It took WEEKS to clean up that mess!

        2. As supreme ruler of the Decepticons, I have written a letter for you, Prime.

          Prime: Since you have become addicted to synthetic energon, I find our adversarial relationship is no longer what it once was. You are unable to keep up in a fight, and your snappy patter has been replaced by an abrasive temperament and vague insults about my mothering unit. I fear that what you did to Bumblebee will leave him never the same again, and since I have been actively trying to kill him and all the Autobots for years now, this is a development that disturbs even me. Please, Prime, get help. Recover your allspark and rejoin the battle. I, Megatron, command it.

        3. Megatron needs to help Optimus because Ultra Magnus doesn’t have time to deal with it right now.

  1. I don’t know. I think that level of horribleness deserves getting dumped. :/ But, hey, he’s not the one who was *violated*

      1. Actually, he broke even overall, or possibly still made money. Danny took 20K initially, but turned it into 40K, and I’m fairly certain(but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong here) that the deal with the girls was that he would spend the money made over what Danny stole initially from him, ie. they got up to 20K worth of stuff. I think the actual expenses didn’t even reach that much, since they bought used cars, which could range anywhere from 1K each to 10K, depending on quality, and Red Lobster for 4 is only about $80 (give or take a bit for drinks), and a new mattress, which could be anywhere from $100 – $2K (although, I’m assuming they didn’t buy a king-sized tempur-pedic, so probably closer to $100 – $200) so that puts them anywhere between 2K and 20K spent, but Kaleb still has his initial 20K remaining at the least.

        1. WOW that was a long comment, TLDR: Cars + Red Lobster + a mattress = less than the 20K Danny got from the site, not counting the 20K he took initially. Kaleb has at worst broken even minus the cost of the plane tickets to get there.

        2. Look up the cost of a used 97-04 Wrangler. You can hit 14k pretty easy, especially in a rust free region. They hold their value like nothing else out there. Up here in Michigan, you can barely touch a late 80s Wrangler in good shape for 4k. As an example, here’s one that appears to be similarly equipped, for sale in the Miami area, at 12k: https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/ctd/5100720343.html

          The new Beetle’s appear to be in that same price range.

          So it’s honestly conceivable that he’s blown more than 20k and is taking a loss to avoid jail time.

        3. Yet he did make it clear that those 20k would be the line he wouldn’t cross.

          Of course we do not really know if there was more available from Danny’s gains and used on the cars. Probably not, but there’s no clear yes or no in the comic, so it’s all open to speculation.

        4. Don’t forget the stuff Danny bought that could be returned, like six giant monitors and various tiny cameras.

        5. He made it clear it was a line he didn’t WANT to cross. I could for see him taking a few grand loss now to avoid tend of thousands in both travel and court-expenses later down the line.

  2. Maybe this was already discussed, but in what year(s) does the Shuffleverse take place? The comic started in 2009 but six years haven’t passed since Ellie moved in with Quinn. Is it Simpsons rules where it’s always present day no matter what, Archer rules where we’re just ambiguously in a post-90s era, or is it still 2009-10? The question only arises because I’m considering Caleb’s age (early 30s?) vis-à-vis running an extremely successful business sometime before the late ’00s.

    1. I think Rusche was trying to maintain the setting as around 2010, but if I recall correctly we’ve already had a few references to stuff that happened after that creeping in.

      I wouldn’t stress over it to much.

    2. I recall a phrase like “future-present” being used to describe the time. So it’s supposed to be similar to the present with the occasional odd thing a bit ahead (like Ellie’s phone, or anything Tarra does). So from that stance I’m not sure if Simpsons or Archer rules would be closer, but I’d lean towards Simpsons.

      1. Well I don’t know when it was 113 degrees in central Florida, because in the more recent past future present, we’ve been having super mild summers. Heavy rains and good cloud cover really took the sting out of what is normally a brutal 9 months of summer air conditioning bills.

  3. This guy sounds like a complete moron. Sure, everyone makes mistakes, but not ones as big as stealing a shit-ton of money and moving into a new apartment just to secretly collect porn from unsuspecting neighbors. I’m starting to really dislike this guy. Also 20G’s a week? What did he blow it all on?

    1. It’s harder to forgive than you might think, sometimes. This would be one of those times, I’d say. Frankly, it’s good to see that he can; a bit jaded, maybe, but he’s still willing to stick up for the guy.

      And as I recall from the era, the site might have made $20k a week, but it might well have spent half, three quarters of that on salaries for the dev team. A few less-than-profitable projects later and any of the surplus might have gone with it.

      1. Also, downsizing the dev team to be just Danny probably blew through a fair amount of cash too. If Caleb is this forgiving and is planning on trying to help Danny find a new job, he probably tried to keep his dev team longer than he could afford, too.

    2. He did imply that the American account was much smaller than the Canadian account… So he likely didn’t blow it all on wasteful stuff. Plus it can be expensive and hard to keep up to date in the digital realm

    3. The rest of his money was embezzled by the other people Caleb hangs out with, since Danny’s behavior is apparently normal to him.

      1. Also, stealing money and setting up an illegal camsite isn’t a mistake. It’s not like Danny did it accidentally- he knew exactly what he was doing while he was doing it.

  4. Hey Rusche,
    Seems like I might be the only one with this problem, but the page won’t load for me. Could be a problem on my end, but just thought you should know in case it is site related. Tried moving to other comic pages (which all loaded fine) then back here, + lots of refreshing, but still no pic, only the title and arrow buttons. Hopefully it’s just my computer being dumb. :)

      1. I generally use Firefox. Just tried again in Safari and it loaded fine, so I’ll mess around with my Firefox browser and see if something is stopping it from coming through.

        1. Using a Firefox 38.0.5 on a Windows 7 platform and it works just fine for me. I could run the update to 39.0 and see if that changes anything.

        2. Firefox can get a horked-up profile pretty easily, especially between upgrades. As long as your list of extensions and other customization isn’t too extensive, you might just try backing up your bookmarks and refreshing your profile (which basically erases it and creates it again, might save bookmarks or might not, depending how you do it). Creating a new profile and testing there and then migrating settings is a bit more certain what’s going on.

          If using 64-bit Win7, close Firefox and hit [WINDOWS_KEY]+R for the run dialog. Copy paste the following line in and hit enter:

          “C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” -ProfileManager

          That will bring up the profile manager so you can create a new profile. Try visiting the site with the new empty profile and see how that works. If it works you can re-install extensions and move over bookmarks. Not sure about saved password transfer as I never use those. When you’re done/happy, just delete the old profile.

          Linux & Mac use the same command-line switch, just different path.

      2. With the inconsistency with browsers working I think it might be a server response thing which we unfortunately probably can’t do anything about. I’m sorry.

    1. Having the same problem with the image not loading on Chrome. Swapped to I.E. for this page, and worked fine.

  5. I think I see dollar sign in Ellie’s eyes. Maybe she can wrangle a job out of this, a real one where she will be paid for work instead of fake dates.

    1. Settle down Bats, they’re not in Gotham. You won’t be able to pummel them senseless unless you’re taking a trip to Florida.

      Say, you really SHOULD take a trip to Florida Bats. Yea, show these miscreants that you’re the terror that flaps in the night or whatever. I’ll keep an eye on things in Gotham for you while you’re away. Trust me… hehehehehehe

        1. It’s a place where someone’s parents go to retire.

          You wouldn’t have heard of it.

          *mic dropped*

        2. The greatest detective in the world doesn’t know what a Florida is? Ladies and gentlemen I could not have come up with a better punch line if I’d tried! Let’s hear it for Bats! HAHAHAHAHAH

        3. Oh, are we going there Bats? That was funny. But not as funny as when I beat birdbrain to death with a crowbar, now that was comedy… HAHAHAHAHAH. You kind of had to be there…

        4. From what I heard you did not do a good job at that and Batman and Nightwibg had to save you sorry butt from him. No I am talking about the Robin you kidnapped and brainwashed. All that time and effort all to be undone in a split moment. You where so close, so close to ending Batman and Batgirl and by their own comrade. And it was all undone because you could not resist using a two gag bullet.

        5. It’s not an episode, it’s the movie, I’m assuming, “Return of the Joker.”

          And rather go through the miracle of childbirth, we decided to adopt.

          Quite right pooh. And we remembered that you’ve always got a few extras running around. So we borrowed one.

    2. Given where they are, either Orlando or Tampa-St. Pete. The map of the plane flight in seemed to imply Tampa, but Orlando might be closer.

      1. If you look carefully at the interstate signs, you can see where the first sign says St. Petersburg on the second line, and I want to say the first line is “Tampa Intl” and then the plane symbol used for airports.

        1. I was under the impression ORL would have been closer, but then, I don’t know exactly where the girls live. Orlando Int’l has the advantage of having 3 major roads merge and dead-end into it, two of which don’t require putting up with driving in typical Orlando #$^&ing traffic to get to.

  6. Sorry for the off-topic remark. Jake did not think to come over here as well when he left the note on SSSS on Friday and let you all know, but Ash Blackwell (Stoirmcriostal) has gone in the hospital for currently mild complications with the pregnancy (beginning signs of Pre-eclampsia, but under control at the moment). She said to let everyone know that she and the niño are fine right now, and she is mostly suffering from boredom since the hospital will not let her set up her laptop and she has burned through the books she brought.

    I scolded Jake so unless we’re asked to not update here any further updates on her health and when the niño is born should be left both here and on SSSS. Right now the doctors are saying that if the tests do not get worse, they will talk about inducing on Wednesday.

    1. Giving a health update for someone who joined the commenter community isn’t off-topic. If the situation presents itself, let her know that we’re wishing her well.

    2. Thank you for the information. I agree with Tog, she’s one of us. And she’s got a game store. She’s almost on the level of Chris and Minna for adoration galore.

    3. Certainly are; that’s the kind of fanbase this is. Constant well-wishing around here. Better when we have a target.

      1. Damnnit Steve, I told you my big gulp is not the wishing well. And next time, wash the dollar coins before you do that. I know where you’ve been.

        1. Yeah, well, if that big gulp isn’t full of water, I’m doing us all a favor. The last thing anyone needs around here is a caffeinated Mr. Blue.

        2. My current theory is he fell into a big cauldron of espresso as a small kid and has been constantly under its influence ever since.

  7. ah its a “DAM YOU YOUTUBE!!!!!” moment well the same thing happened to movies and comic books

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