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You’ve chosen a dangerous path.

What kind of school photo background would YOU like? 80's LASERS!!

145 thoughts on “You’ve chosen a dangerous path.

      1. I’d jumped to a conclusion of Mamma B’s preternatural observational skills due to her feat of raising the seven sisters, but your explanation would cover it too. Rusche shall reveal in the fullness of time.

        1. I like how Chris’ artwork had evolved. I’m particularly fascinated with how Rosemary has become more realistic now than when I first met her during Ellie’s eviction from the household.

          I mean we got another facet during the twins birthday party. But the concern on her face is so palpable, it’s, well, photogenic. I don’t know how else right now to say it. And if I don’t say it now,it’ll become last to grey matter and time.

        2. Yep, I think this is the first time we’ve seen her since the last big art change (which happened shortly after end o’ Black Friday shopping if I recall correctly) and it is interesting to watch the character evolutions.

          However as for expressions, he’s done a good job all along and is just keeping it as he evolves his style. There tend to be a few bits a little uncanny valley-ish for the first few comics after a big art shift, but he gets his stride back pretty quickly.

          That’s the part I’ve never been able to manage personally. I have a decent hand at drawing and painting for the most part, but then right at the end when it comes to adding that something extra that gives personality and animation I can’t get that and everything I do ends up looking soulless.

  1. Mamma B notices what’s going on. I wonder if her wrath shall fall on Kat for her intentions or Pumpkin for the game she’s playing.

    But yes, Anise is awesome in many small ways. Lasers indeed.

      1. Could go either way. She does have her hair covering the same eye, and it’s a big enough hunk of hair to not fall aside easily. However it’s also pretty close to the corner of her eye and wouldn’t have to move too far to expose that eye. So I could see it as her preferred hairstyle even before the accident or that it was already lost. I am looking forward to hearing a bit more about that incident.

    1. I can get that Kat’s trying to make some kind of move on Pumpkin (although that seems ungodly inappropriate; then again, Kat looks late 20s to me), but what’s Pumpkin trying to do? She didn’t seem interested in Damien, just the makeup stuff. Mrs. Buckingham might not approve of the cosplay stuff but since Pumpkin does it all the time anyway, I doubt it’d make her frown like THAT.

      1. This is speculation on my part, but I think the relationship parallels between Ellie-Danny vs Pumpkin-Katrina go both ways. Ellie knows what Danny wants and isn’t shy about playing into it a bit to get what she wants (and did get to a point where she felt bad and pointed it out to him).

        I think Pumpkin figured out Kat’s interest in the last panel of Friday’s comic if she didn’t know even earlier.

        Even if Kat has no intentions of trying anything with Pumpkin due to age difference (and I’d hope she either doesn’t or is lying to herself and thinking she doesn’t), Pumpkin can still use that attraction to her advantage. Now, considering that what Pumpkin most likely wants from Kat is access to improved cosplay accessories and abilities and sales outlets, I suspect she’ll see it as enough of a win-win that I doubt she’ll feel bad the way Ellie finally did.

        Note that is PURE speculation for no real reason but the normal conversational speculation here in the comments.

        1. In the meaning of equal opportunity, she’s under age to both sexes. It’s illegal for teachers, then it’s illegal for college students.


    1. I like that even Juniper looks good in the picture. Like she was actually not high and messed up for one day, at the very least. Cinn, on the other hand, didn’t come out so well. :(

  3. Wait a minute. Is Tarra’s picture a high school picture, or from the Olympics? That looks like a flag in the background and that she might be wearing a windbreaker.

        1. The Mona Lisa wasn’t using it THAT much.

          @Rusche – I didn’t even notice frame styles. Very different for each and now I’m wondering a few interpretations. For example I hadn’t noticed that Juniper was the only non-rectangular one before and I’m now wondering if that’s intended to mean something or not. Poor Ellie having to share a frame with Cinn.

        2. No medals around her neck, so she’s either being incredibly modest or this isn’t from the olympics.

        3. I was thinking pre-event Olympics. As in one of the pictures that the news media will have as the bio picture during the event if they’re covering it. Though non-Olympics is still quite possible too.

  4. Hey Kat… have you honesty ever felt your safety was threatened by another woman?

    Take a few notes. You’re about to see what it’s like.

      1. That appears to be a very aware but inactive stance to me. I think she’s taking note, but not intending to make her presence known at this time. A parent gathering covert intel in order to continue investigations later.

        I think she [correctly] reads that Pumpkin isn’t in any immediate danger and this is something to handle later rather than bring immediate down the wrath of Rosemary.

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        1. I recognized the comic, just hadn’t noticed it in the avatar roulette and I was wondering if he happened to hit the rare random draw with his e-mail or if he set it up via Gravatar.

    1. I think this is the first time we’ve seen Tarra since the last big art shift (either 22 or 25 April 2014, the two comics after post-Black Friday breakfast). There’s been a pretty big shift in Ellie too, and Tarra and Ellie are supposed to be cut from the same cloth (see the author post along with the 22 April 2014 comic if you don’t recall that sisters 1-6 are all mod 3 with the second of the pair having an additional large flaw and Pumpkin is bonus).

  5. I love how each sister’s portrait explains them perfectly.
    Pumpkin – DERP!
    Ginger – Happy to be here
    Juniper – Hey there
    Anise – Duuuude
    Ellie – WHAT!?!
    Cinnamon – what?!?
    Tarra – I VILL CRUSH YOU

    1. I think Ellie has more of a “just following orders” look. Pumpkin’s expression says to me more, “I’m the youngest and I’m used to getting away with things by playing innocent!” As for Anise, I suspect the photographer may have a pretty respectable beard.

  6. Let’s see… passive aggressively springing plans, acting like she’s doing Pumpkin a favor, trashing and lying anybody else who might be competition, yeah Kat’s a keeper. If that were my daughter I’d have Pumpkin’s mom’s expression too.

    1. What I don’t get is why someone so cheerful and upbeat as Pumpkin is associating with such an obvious sourpuss. I don’t think this woman has said one nice thing since she’s been introduced to the comic. She and old man oxygen bottle are probably related.

      1. She’s got a goal. And she will easily cope with Kat if she has in order to reach it. She has lived through (and with) worse than her.

  7. So, I’m lookin’ at Rosemary, and I’ve got the theme music from “The Godfather” runnin’ through my head…I dunno why, but it seems fitting for some reason.

    Anyone else?

  8. I really really really want to see Mama Rosemary have a little ‘talk’ with Kat. It’s too soon to tell what kind of relationship she will have with Pumpkin, but the way Kat seems makes me believe she’s going to need it, and it’s will be glorious to behold. Glorious. Kat may be able to brush off other people’s concerns, but Rosemary raised seven frickin’ Buckingham girls. She’s the Alpha Buckingham! That woman could probably put her down with nothing but a glare.

    Also, I’m loving those portraits. They fit their characters well. It kind of warms me to see Juniper’s portrait as well, since I am pretty sure Rosemary’s relationship with Juniper is strained, to say the least, to the point where I’ve been wondering if Rosemary disowned her or something since Juniper has not yet made any appearances at family gatherings that include Rosemary. But the portrait implies that Juniper remains dear to her, or at least still a part of the family.

      1. I think they are supposed to be school portraits, and while she probably had not put they liver-abuse in full gear at that point she was probably still the family trouble-maker. The fact that it’s still hung on the wall almost in the center with her other sister’s pictures in a nice, pretty frame is what makes me feel relieved.

        You know, her hair looks quite nice when it’s brushed. She should do that more often.

    1. How could you forget Denny’s! (18 April 2014 comic) Granted not a lot of eye contact all around there. I know what you mean about wondering if Rosemary’s relationship with Juniper would go to the “no pictures in my house” stage and glad to see it’s not there. I hadn’t thought about the top-central placement. I wonder if that’s coincidence/prior placement, or a sign. We know Rosemary’s not afraid of the tough love approach, but that doesn’t mean she might not be praying for her daughter every day (she is fairly religious) and possibly trying to help her in the background in non-coddling sorts of ways.

      1. Shoot, I forgot all about the Denny’s scene. How did that happen? But, yeah, now at this point I’m thinking it’s Tough Love from mom, and a hell of a lot of avoidance from Juniper. It looks a lot like she deals with her problems by pretending they don’t exist, and Rosemary would probably aggressively try to help Juni to get her act together, or at least confront her on her bad decisions and Juni’s wouldn’t want to deal with that so avoidance it is. I can see why Juni’s probably more willing to keep in touch with Herb over Rosemary. It’s kinda funny how a police chief is far less threatening than mama.

        1. Rosemary definitely seems more intimidating so far, but I also suspect that Juniper doesn’t have a lot of choice about the occasional visit with her dad. A night in the drunk tank now and then if nothing else (though with the posters about passing bad checks in Orlando and her “think outside the box” attitude for beating the Black Friday lines suggest more might not be too surprising).

  9. My impression of the frames.

    Gingers = Marble-ish. Get the other girls to aspire to be like.
    Tarra = Fanciest, shows she’s the favorite without saying it.
    Juniper = In memorium (don’t want to think about her unless she’s there)
    Anise = Has her own style, takes care of herself.
    Lav Ellie/Cinnamon = Twins, both currently disappointing.
    Pumpkin = Still a kid.

        1. Having to share a frame with Cinn? I mean, that’s just the default for Cinn, with that particular picture choice either intentional or possibly the best she managed in 12 years trying. I could believe either one.

        2. Hm. Alternately, the shrinking frame sizes could be the result of shrinking enthusiasm for Rosemary’s endless child-rearing. Pumpkin might be lucky to even have a photo up there.

        3. The frame just looks way to plain. Looks like it’s just a few pieces of wood put together to hold the pictures.

    1. I like that thought. She’s got the round frame. She’s in the zero. She’s the one we don’t think about, talk about, or remember.

      1. Great, at first I felt OK about that picture because Juniper was in a good light,and not just for the photo shoot, but overall in terms of wroth the family. But now, with the in memoriam suggested, I has sads.

        1. I don’t know on that. It’s a nicer frame than any of her younger sisters got, and all the school pictures I remember were rectangular, so also more work to cut the picture to fit.

    1. I know Rosemary’s supposed to be a fairly devout Christian, but that steely look doesn’t seem like a suspicion her daughter is a lesbian to me. If she were upset regarding that possibility, I’d expect to see some worry/concern as opposed to that preparation for the future serving of a big, steaming plate of justice.

    1. And then you get stuck with her as an avatar too :p

      Maybe it’s the way I read it and the way she appears in the comic, but the tone I read from it, doesn’t work any better for her either.

      1. LOL, the avatar was actually my choice, I liked the pic, I might end up changing it soon though :P

        What really bothers me is that Kat is showing every sign of “negging” Pumpkin which Pumpkin doesn’t deserve and is a HORRIBLE way to get with anyone. The “horrible movie” crack is completely uncalled for and if she isn’t there to see Damien then she’s there to see Pumpkin (which is just as creepy as she accused Damien’s intentions of being) AND she slams Damien when he isn’t there to defend himself, which also includes her getting in a slam against the entire male gender while she’s at it. Pretty impressive amount of negativity for only a few lines of dialog.

        If I had to guess Damien is “being douchey” about Kat’s relationship with Pumpkin which is purely speculation on my part but would seem to fit.

        1. I swear, everytime I read Kat’s dialog I find something else shady about it.

          She completely dodged Pumpkins discussion about meeting the family. It’s like she’s the amalgamation of every dick boyfriend trope.

        2. Also I notice that Mr’s B’s cross necklace is conspicuously absent. Is she about to do something she knows Jesus would dissaprove of? We can only hope. *gets in line for popcorn*

        3. It’s so when they find Kat’s body, she won’t be clutching the cross she’d have otherwise grabbed off her attacker.

        4. @TheLastOutlaw – I dislike Kat and don’t disagree with most of what you said, but there is an unknown question still here that I think we’re taking as assumed. In Friday’s strip Pumpkin mentioned the “fifty-something people who said I was cute and/or hot yesterday” which suggests this is either after the second day of the con when she gave her a ride home (which would negate the “special trip” part of creepy) or the day after (which would make a very quick “special trip” and amplify the creepy, for me at least).

          As for the cross, Mamma B is dressed fairly casually, possibly she recently got out of the shower or was doing something strenuous, was taking a nap, or something else where she didn’t want a necklace on. I think this is the first time we’ve seen her dressed that casually.

          If you’re on an avatar hunt from this comic, I’d suggest either Mamma B including the crossed arms or maybe Tara’s “I just can’t help kicking this much ass” look.

        5. I have chosen… wisely…

          And I think it’s more along of the lines of Tarra’s, “I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.”

        6. I’d say you might’ve just hit on something Tarra can’t do, but Tarra not being able to do something tends to be an unstoppable force vs immovable object sort of question.

  10. I wish I could say I had only one picture with the laser background. I know there’s at LEAST two.

    I couldn’t pass up lasers, is what I’m saying.

    1. Inability to pass up lasers isn’t something to be ashamed of. As one laser aficionado to another, I heartily recommend what-if.xkcd.com/13/ (I still find the 1 watt laser tempting sometimes, though I haven’t given in yet).

        1. I liked that one too. It’s just that vaporizing the moon won the coin toss over creating my own person autoclave.

  11. Nice to see a picture of Juniper that shows at one point she seemed to be a bit more happy with herself. Tarra’s picture I love how it seems to have either a cocky smirk or a nervous smile, I’m assuming the former.

  12. Awww, pictures of all the sisters! They all seem cool and happy…and then there’s Cinnamon, being derp. I noticed Ellie has longer hair in her pic, and Pumpkin too. I really like Juniper’s pic for some reason. Anise is rocking it with dem lasers.
    The conversations seem to be changing, but honestly I like where it’s all going. And now here comes Mama B with an evil-ish kinda face. Oh boy.

  13. So… looks like Damien was right on the money after all…. It might have INITIALLY looked bad for him to drop Pumpkin off, but nowhere NEAR as bad as it’s startin’ to look to Mamma Buckingham…. o.0

  14. Rosemary: Anise, it’s school pictures day. Are you going to brush that hair out of your eyes so I can get one full picture of your pretty face?

    Anise: It’s who I am, mom!

    Rosemary: *sigh* All right, but some day you may regret not having a normal photo to look back on or show your kids.

        1. For the eye, it could go either way still. You can see the top and bottom mascara marks around her eye lashes, but she would’ve probably had a glass eye so that much of a glimpse couldn’t tell if it was real or fake (the way the direction it was pointing would).

          As to head block, I think the boob job was in place of art school (i.e. post high school), so torso is probably more streamlined than it has been lately.

        2. True, quite thoughtless of me. Maybe I should go look up old SNL Debbie Downer sketches and use quotes to reply to Mr Blue in compensation.

    1. I may as well speculate on the pictures like all the cool kids. :D

      Ginger: Marble columns, since she’s her mom’s support/back-up. Natural colors to indicate growth/family?

      Tarragon: Most elaborate, probably-hand-carved frame she made out of an oar she won her gold medals with. Background basically screams, “I’M GONNA BE PUNCHING RUSSIANS FOR AMERICA!”

      Anise: Frame is cast-iron and I’m not sure if that was ever a mainstream style; the pattern is reminiscent of repeating tattooes. Background says, “Hooray for fun!”

      Juniper: It reminds me of a hole, though someone else pointed out the frame is zero-shaped which also works. Background is kind of sloshy and drink-like. The liquor appears to be… uh… hm… it appears to be “green”.

      Ellie: Twin on the right (dexter) side, indicating she’s the good one. Cloud background says where her head is.

      Cinnamon: Twin on the left (sinister) side, indicating she’s the evil on. Background appears to be a verdant woods, possibly indicative of her love of creatures that aren’t people.

      Pumpkin: Seems to be saying “I’m still a kid!” Possibly a future over-achiever? The whole thing seems designed to fit her “Too Early To Call” status.

      1. I think I’d describe Ginger’s frame as “established”, but possibly that’s my after-the-fact assumption.

        Tarra’s Olympic oar would work, but being Tarra it could also be when she went to see the petrified redwoods and taken from the one that fell in fear of her, which dulled the diamond blade she started using to carve it, so she had to add her fingernail shavings to the blade to finish it. (can you tell I’ve missed Tarra facts)

        Anise’s frame could’ve been an art project in cast iron. There’s a shadow, so the decorative tree parts stick out in front of the back material.

        1. Oooo, I hadn’t considered the possibility Anise made her own frame. “Welder” would definitely be another fitting art skill for her arsenal.

  15. So um, did she sneak into the house or just show up before anyone was home? Cause yeah that’d raise more red flags then anything. Gotta meet the owners of the house usually before you start visiting their family members in it. Regardless f intentions. Well, usually.

  16. oh man…my school had the laser background…that was in every single one of my school photos from kindergarten to senior year…

  17. I’m just waiting for next comic.

    Pumpkin (from off-screen) Just wait in the kitchen! I made cookies!

    Rosemary: Why don’t you take a seat over there?

    Kat: Wait, uh..?

    Rosemary: Take a seat over there. So… what are you doing here?

    1. I think Rosemary’s still in silent hunter mode. I don’t see her making her presence known yet (past the hair on Kat’s neck standing on end, perhaps).

        1. If the title fits, I’m certainly happy to be helpful in that regard.

          I’d be able to stand in line behind Steve then, which is good for being unobtrusive because he’s taller than me.

  18. The time has come (the Walrus said) to talk of other things,

    Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, and changing out avatars because Kat is creeptastic…

  19. So much Kat hate here.

    I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, but jeez… it’s one thing to be opinionated, but that’s a fairly selective (and in some cases hypocritical) set of opinions.

  20. I….I don’t see the “Kat wants to hook up with Pumpkin” vibe that some people have mentioned. She’s obviously gay, but that doesn’t mean she’s just automatically attracted to Pumpkin. Is she necesarily a good influence? Maybe yes, maybe no, depending on what Pumpkin takes from her (teachings about make-up and costumes as opposed to “men suck”), and I’m not saying she doesn’t come across as negative to other characters…

    I mean, maybe her mom thinks Kat is trying to “recruit” Pumpkin to the gay side, but, well, I would think this family knows better about that. Granted, she’s completely within her rights to only let Kat be over with supervision, but every friend probably had to go through that process, even Ashliii. “I don’t trust a girl who texts all the time and posts so many selfies online.”

  21. I can’t believe no one mentioned it, but Tarra’s birthmarks hadn’t grown off of her face yet when that picture was taken.

  22. I just got here because of That One Guy’s comment about Tarra’s birth marks. But that’s not what I’m commenting about. Do you think that Cinnamon is giving their mom the stink eye?

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