In the Beginning..

This is somewhat of an Easter egg (even though I made it easy enough to find) of what the start of Shotgun Shuffle was some 8 plus years ago. Back when I was still planning on marketing my works strictly through print-on-demand services. That later turned out to be too costly per book, so this idea was eventually scrapped. I went back to the drawing board for a few more years and finally settled on the idea of making a webcomic. By 2008-09, I had juxtaposition’d most of my thoughts and characters into what the comic is today.

What’s below is NOT the original 20 strips of this comic I never posted on this site. A few of you may remember me mentioning those before. I made them as a trial run before finally launching the site, and ultimately hated them.  Those will never be seen (until I slap them in my first book as filler.) THIS predates that. It was drawn on official comic sized comic board comic paper board or whatever. Very expensive. And wow was that money wasted. :D

Anyway.. you’ll see some familiar faces in these 34 something pages once they’re all posted (if you can even recognize them in this now-Neanderthalic state.) I’ll do them in chunks as I can get to them. They all need to be lettered since, at the time,  I had no idea how to do word bubbles. Hell, I wasn’t even using Photoshop. This was done with a free art program that came with my 2001 computer called Arcsoft. Arcsoft was a glorified MS Paint program with gradient capability. Only a dozen pages or so are colored, then we”ll be going full-on Kinko’s scanner copy. This should be fun.

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17 thoughts on “In the Beginning..

  1. I was REALLY hoping for the original 20 strips but this will do for now. Billy needs to lay off the psychedelics.

    Also… NEW THUMBNAIL UNLOCKED! Achievement get!

    1. Now that there are more strips posted I feel the need to clarify my original comment. At the time I first posted the strip with Billy reaching for the suicide pill was the last one up, making the initial impression that Billy was have a bad psychotropic experience. With more strips up it’s now become more clear that it is the artist who was under the influence.

      I kid, I kid…=P (I think.)

  2. Character identification attempt:

    * James – playing cards with little kids
    * Richard – giving up on guitar controller and using normal controller
    * Quinn – front of class where you see the top half of her face when you see teacher’s face
    * Ellie – Bambi McHiredbasedonlooks
    * Ellie’s first GetMart customer – old lady complaining about suicide pill price
    * Herb Buckingham – Police chief

    I feel like the Staples lady should be someone I recognize too, but can’t place her. Trixie O’Cleavage seems like she might be already planned as a future character.

      1. Ah, see him now. I like the new post with his job at the newspaper and no one noticing him despite the sheet paper face and cape still there. Good capture of the Superman feel. Clip on tie to fit the super suit flying off is a nice touch too.

  3. Y’know what’s kinda scary? The two nerdy kids towards the beginning. One looks like one of the main characters in my comic that’s based off my brother slightly, and the other looks like how my brother draws himself in comics. Quite the coincidence.

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